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About Security Services

Peterson Group Services has a proven track record in the design, development and implementation of extensive security management practices. Providing not just only security personnel, but comprehensive security solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

We are committed to focussing on your requirements by continually assessing your security needs and delivering a professional service that exceeds your expectations. Over the years we have taken pride in providing security solutions for some of Sydney’s leading properties and entertainment precincts.

Our innovative management structure and systems, highly trained and professional staff and commitment to customer service means that we deliver the most comprehensive and cost effective security solution. More importantly, we can give you peace of mind of knowing that your employees and property are safe and secure whilst promoting a positive corporate image.

Corporate Protection Services

In many circumstances some clients may require the need for concierge style security personnel. These environments range from commercial office complexes, corporate functions and events to 5 star rated hotels.

Peterson Group Services will tailor specific people to specific positions. Our operations representative will meet with you to ensure the right person is matched to meet your special needs and requirements for the task at hand. Our security employees can be dressed in our corporate uniform or your own uniform.

Retail Security

Shopping centres in Australia are a part of everyday life for most people. At some stage during every week we all enter a retail shopping centre at some stage. Therefore, with the high volumes and demographic of people and ages to these precincts, the importance to instil a safe and hospitable environment is imperative.

Having a high number of unruly or antisocial behaviour incidents can have a detrimental effect on a shopping centre. Customers need to feel safe at all times when visiting a shopping centre whether at night or day.

Peterson Group Services understands the importance of establishing and maintaining a safe and hospitable atmosphere for shoppers by providing high visibility security officers to monitor on antisocial or unruly behaviour. Listed below are the many services offered by Peterson Group Services for retail security:

  • High Visibility Patrolling Security Guards.
  • Crowd Control for Special Events.
  • Loss Prevention.
  • Plain Clothed Security Officers and Surveillance.
  • Control Room Surveillance Officers.
  • Car-park security.
  • Car-parking attendants.

Mobile Patrols

As part of our complete security manpower service, Peterson Group Services can provide a mobile patrol service by our marked security patrol vehicle.

This service is usually provided outside normal business hours and our officers can conduct the following checks on a building:

  • Securing any windows and doors
  • Switching off all lights.
  • Setting alarms.
  • Securing car-park areas.
  • Opening building doors for Employees.
  • Performing escorts for Employee

Asset Protection

Asset protection plays a vital role in the overall protection of a business facility, whether being a storage holding yard, warehouse, construction site or sporting stadium.

Peterson Group Services can provide our security personnel to operate at entry and exit gates to ensure that shipping containers have not been tampered with and to monitor perimeter protection and CCTV surveillance.

Peterson Group Services can also provide consultation on electronic asset protection methods to compliment our manpower service.

Hotel & Registered Club Security

Licensed Venue Security plays a vital role in the hospitality industry, ensuring the safety and welfare of guests, Employee and property. Understanding harm minimisation and the nature and management of large crowds is a complex area requiring specialised security practices.

Hotels and registered clubs project a welcoming and safe atmosphere and therefore require their security employees to project the same warm and hospitable attitude. Peterson Group Services don’t supply ‘bouncers’ but supply customer service personnel that are trained in customer service, crowd management and conflict resolution skills.

In the recent past, many licensed venues have come under great scrutiny for incidents relating to alcohol related violence. In many cases, these venues have contracted their security requirements to security manpower providers that lack the security management experience needed for these venues.

Through prior planning with your venue management and drawing on our vast experience we have the ability to fulfil your security manpower requirements.

Through our comprehensive reporting system, all occurrences and incidents are recorded for management and for insurance and litigation purposes. Constant review of the security management program is made by our consultants and an open line of communication is encouraged with licensing police.

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